Lifetime Digital Workspace SaaS

Lifetime™ Digital Workspace is a Cognitive Decisioning Management Platform that optimizes Near Data, Near Energy and Near Security usage.

Lifetime™ Digital Workspace is a Cognitive Decisioning Management Platform for optimizing electrification age solutions based on Near Data, Near Energy and Near Security. 

The primary goal for DWS is to reach Climate transition by 2050 so that raise of 1,5 degrees does exceed as SMEs globally can hold on their ESG / GRC promises while overcoming the challenges incl. cyber threads.

Second primary goal is think global first.

The SDGs are wonderful set of requirements and measured meters that are part of DWS. This is a strategic approach that we use in the DWS platform and influence SMEs think global first approach. It also influence globalization and has many use in the democratic world.

The Web3 and Metaverse will offer global blended and FDI finance wallets that will be integrated into DWS to offer fundraising and co innovation to DWS clients.

DWS offers SaaS for connect World of the AI-Powered Digital Humanoids and Cobots as Developers, architects, and Project Managers. This approach will create value to the customer ecosystems,  co-pilots their projects and Digital services to ensure ESG compliance, build better profits with better operations efficiency.

DWS is ready for your investment on multiple platforms.


Dear Investor;

I am happy to announce that the dws Investor Prospectus and the Investor Business Case infographics are now available upon your request to review and open a dialogue for deal closing.


DWS Project is approved to Google for Startups Program. Project Montreux receives USD 100,000 as credits to build on Google Cloud. ”We see great possibilities using Google Cloud as our Big Data Platform. Google BigQuery is the industry leader. Firebase offers our web3 and unity AR app developers trusted backoffice solution” tells Risto Anton to (LSJ).


The DWS Saas Project Montreux Data Room can be found on Please contact for progress report.



and more for deal making and secure investing.

25.11.2022; DWS project applies to Google for Startups Program. ” We see great possibility to use NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations to build DWS digital twin ecosystem on Web3. This however is costly ; one workstation costs ca. USD 1,000 per month so our 3-5 person engineering needs the Google for Startups Program approval”.

We are seeking the support also from Google and AWS as they have RTX virtual workstation at their market store available.

25.11.2022 ; DWS is now approved for Microsoft Founders Hub and receives USD 25,000 Azure credits and Lifetime Studios now has 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise license for the developers as well as LinkedIn Premium, LinkedInAds, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (really exciting !!!), Office 365 business standard, Microsoft Visual Studio licenses for the developer teams.

We are excited to push dws development environment one and actually many steps further with the partnership with Microsoft Founders Hub” cheers Risto Anton on this announcement.

20.11.2022; DWS Project Montreaux is now available for investors at FounderPath. ” I love what Mr. Natka is doing with Founderpath – a platform to build SaaSes profitable – and helps entrepreneurs to do fundraising” says Risto Anton, CEO, Lifetime Group.

19.11.2022; Discussion with Partner Devolion to participate to project build with grant of USD 50,000 for the developer work. We can have 5 months of professional developers work from the Devolion grant now approved to DWS.

DWS valuation is USD 3,8 m. We are working for new valuation as this number is three years old to raise funds in reasonable valuation figure. Stay tuned.